Equitable Leadership Foundations

These Equitable Leadership classes lay a solid foundation for professionals looking to enhance their knowledge base and cultivate social change in the spaces and organizations in which they serve.


EL01: The Courage Principle

4 Hours | $399
Courage is vital to any equity advocate’s success. ​In this course, the instructor walks participants through a process of identifying their professional influence, exploring their professional values and activating their professional courage to use as they navigate complex social issues within their workspaces.

EL02: Foundations of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

4 Hours | $399
Understanding equity, diversity and inclusion is the key to untangling the complexity of social issues. In this course, professionals make meaning and draw distinction between diversity, inclusion and equity to help create safe spaces within the communities they serve.

EL03: Equity Over Everything

4 Hours | $399
Equity Over Everything helps equity advocates identify, navigate and dismantle traditionally biased systems with compassion, in order to help build spaces that advance social change.

EL04: Starting the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Discussions

4 Hours | $399
In this course, professionals examine how words add to social complexity. Through creation of a triple bottom line assessment, participants learn to use language toward the creation of inclusive cultures where non-majority partners are not only invited, but encouraged to invest.