Equitable Education Practices Concentration

Through asset creation labs, the equitable education practices concentration provides teachers, teaching assistants, principals, school board leaders and paraprofessionals with strategies specific to building equitable learning environments and improving academic success.


EE01: Inclusive Content Strategies

4 Hours | Asset Lab | $399
This course engages multiple members of the educational ecosystem to collaboratively build relevant and culturally competent content. Through the framework, students have access to compassionate, community-oriented education throughout the school day. In the Asset Lab, participants will learn how to build and execute an equitable content. Student group discussion in classroom  

EE02: Inclusive Syllabus Strategies

4 Hours | Asset Lab | $399
This course is specifically designed to help instructional leaders identify and integrate culturally competent, engaging and inclusive curriculum that supports intensive, inclusive learning environments. In the Asset Lab, participants will develop a culturally competent lesson plan. Female student in classroom  

EE03: Strategies for Community Building

4 Hours | Asset Lab | $399
In this course, participants discover the power of using community to build inclusive, culturally competent curricula. Participants learn strategies to safely and appropriately collaborate with influencers and organizations within the communities of the students they serve. In the Asset Lab, participants will develop a community pathways strategy.