German Minor

Those who major in German learn to communicate proficiently in the language and can pursue study-abroad opportunities.

Studying a foreign language develops critical thinking skills and affords you an appreciation for other cultures. Our minor in German prepares you to effectively communicate in the language—the most widely spoken native tongue of those who live and work in the European Union.

As you earn your minor in German, you will explore the origins of the language, its literature, cultural achievements and history. You will also complete a study abroad experience, where you will be immersed in the culture and have the opportunity to polish your speaking and writing skills.

A minor in German is an excellent choice for those majoring in international business, economics, marketing, business administration, finance, politics and education.

  • Minor Requirements
    A minor in German requires 18 credits; at least 6 credits at 200-level; 9 or 12 credits at 300-level; at least 3 of these credits must be completed in an immersion experience abroad.