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Students succeed at the Center for Graduate Studies of Columbia
Students succeed at the Center for Graduate Studies of Columbia

Amanda Bennett achieves her goal of earning a master's in Human Services in efforts to make a difference in her community.

Amanda Bennett, Master of Arts in Human Services

Center for Graduate Studies of Columbia, SC

Amanda Bennett graduated with her bachelor's degree the same day her son did. She wanted to show him that it is possible to achieve any goal when you work hard and don't give up. She also had another goal in mind for herself when she decided to pursue her master's degree. After many years of working in law enforcement and then healthcare serving underprivileged populations, she felt compelled to do something more to help the homeless. That's when she enrolled in the Human Services program through the LRU Center for Graduate Studies of Columbia (SC). She was attracted to the convenience and flexibility of the online program, which allows her to complete the program at her own pace. She acknowledges the fear associated with any major decision. She was apprehensive about grad school, and still feels nervous at the beginning of each semester. "Each semester at LRU has been a great experience and the professors provide the support I need so I don't feel so overwhelmed." Amanda is looking forward to graduation. "I want to find different ways to help those who are homeless and in need." When her friends ask if she thinks they should return to school, she tells them to "go for it." "The days, weeks, months, and even years that you wait contemplating should I or shouldn't I go back to school; you could be in possession of your master's degree."

"I think about the time wasted discussing going back to school, when that time could have actually been put towards something meaningful – like participating in an online classroom discussion. There is no time like the present."

A native of New York, Amanda relocated to the south to accept a job in law enforcement. Her own efforts inspired her son to continue his education as well; he is currently studying criminology.