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Student Profile: Lisa Riggsbee
Student Profile: Lisa Riggsbee

Lisa Riggsbee
Association Director of Community Health, YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Master of Public Health

Clemmons, North Carolina

Previous Education
UNC Asheville, Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion

Why did you choose to pursue a Master of Public Health degree at Lenoir-Rhyne?
"Lenoir-Rhyne was appealing because of its convenient location in Asheville, where I was living at the time. The small class sizes, location of campus, and expertise of professors were all very appealing to me."

How did the MPH program help you gain new insights for enhancing your current career at the YMCA?
"Being able to study the epidemiology of some of the chronic diseases that I work very closely with helped deepen my understanding of the individuals and communities impacted by them. I perceive my community in a new and better way because of the program. Also, the ability to work with professors and other students who have a passion for improving the health of all communities prepared me for the same environment within the YMCA."

What type of unique opportunities were you able to engage in during the program?
"I always valued the guest speakers who were invited to campus to speak with me and my classmates. My professors went to great lengths to provide students insight on what a public health career looks like. The speakers offered a great prospective from individuals in the field of public health, and they provided methods for exploring the various aspects of public health."