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Funding available through LR's sustainability studies program
Funding available through LR's sustainability studies program

Funding opportunities are available to prospective and current students at LRU-AVL. Applications are received on a rolling basis, and there is a priority deadline of May 5thfor summer term, August 5th for fall term, and December 5th for spring term.

Available fellowships include:

Fellowship in Permaculture Study and Practices

The fellowship in permaculture study and practices includes funding for the study of sustainable materials in building, sustainable waste management practices, sustainable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable food, farming, and gardening practices, as well as other related efforts. Students intending to pursue these areas of study through the sustainability studies graduate program are encouraged to apply. Fellowships can also be used to support graduate studies projects focused on these areas.

Students who are awarded fellowships will receive tuition for up to six credit hours of school in a semester. Awards are designed as first-semester and last-semester funding opportunities and are contingent upon acceptance into the sustainability studies graduate program.

Reese Institute Fellowship

The Reese Institute Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for students to develop valuable skills as a professional in the field of sustainability. This fellowship is made available through the University's Reese Institute, which was made possible by a generous gift from the estate of Tom Reese and functions on both the Hickory and Asheville campuses.

Through the fellowship, students will be involved with many resume-building projects, providing hands-on experience in designing, developing, and implementing sustainability initiatives that have real world applications. Students will work collaboratively and independently to develop the key competencies employers seek in sustainability professionals.

Qualified fellows will receive a $600 - $1,800 tuition reduction as compensation for 45 - 120 hours of sustainability-related work over the course of a semester.

Applying for fellowships:

Please submit your fellowship application materials no later than December 5 for the spring semester, May 5 for the summer semester, and August 5 for the fall semester to receive full consideration.

To apply for a Fellowship in Permaculture Study and Practices, send a resume and one to two page essay detailing an interest in permaculture study and practices and objectives for education in sustainability studies, to Keith McDade, associate professor of sustainability studies, at keith.mcdade@lr.edu. and copy Susy Chandler, Asheville Center affairs coordinator at susy.chandler@lr.edu.

To apply for a Reese Institute Fellowship, send a cover letter and resume to McDade at keith.mcdade@lr.edu and copy Chandler at susy.chandler@lr.edu.

Application fees can be waived using code THANKS when applying for the sustainability studies program.

Visit lr.edu/SS to learn more.