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Catawba County Promise

What is the Catawba County Promise?

The Catawba County Promise is a financial aid program that rewards high school students with a 3.5 or higher high school GPA who are also residents of Catawba County as well as transfer students from Catawba County who have 30 attempted hours from an accredited college while maintaining a 3.5 GPA with a minimum financial aid package worth at least half of the cost of tuition.

Is this a scholarship program?

The Catawba County Promise is a guaranteed minimum financial aid package. The financial aid package for each student will vary and may be comprised of institutional, federal, and state grants and scholarships.

When does this program begin?

The Catawba County Promise will be awarded for students enrolling for the fall of 2019.

Is a student guaranteed to be a part of the program for his/her four years at LR?

The Catawba County Promise is renewable for up to four years at the initial amount as long as a student remains in good standing with the University.

Is this program available for graduate students or adult learner students?

At this time, the Catawba County Promise is available only to full-time undergraduate and transfer students at LR. Catawba County Promise is not available to graduate or adult learner students.

How much is undergraduate tuition at LR?

Tuition for the 2018-19 academic year is $36,400 for a full-time undergraduate student, meaning a student who would have qualified for the Catawba County Promise would have received a financial aid package of at least $18,200.

I live in Catawba County but attend a college outside of Catawba County and am interested in transferring to LR. Am I eligible?

Yes, this financial aid promise is based on your full-time residency.

I’m qualified and applying for 2019-2020. Do I need to fill out a separate form?

No separate form is required. All students who meet the qualifications will be automatically a part of the program. Students will, however, be required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Office of Admission at 828.328.7300