Speech Lab

The Speech Preparation Lab offers aid to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty across the university to help improve upon individual and group presentations for courses at LR and beyond. The Speech Lab can help you develop topics, locate sources, refine arguments, polish structure, thoughts and gain confidence in delivery.

Speech lab tutors are here to help you throughout your preparation process and can assist you with:

  • Helping to understand your speaking assignment/purpose
  • Getting started with your speaking assignment
  • Developing and organizing your ideas
  • Polishing the style of your piece
  • Designing visual aids
  • Rehearsing your presentation


The Speech Lab is offering both in-person tutoring sessions (located in the Lohr Learning Commons, Rudisill Library Room 226) and virtual tutoring sessions. To ensure safe distancing in person, please make an appointment.

  • Meet with a tutor in-person or over Zoom to discuss speech preparation
    If meeting remotely, you will receive a link to join a Zoom meeting before your scheduled appointment.
  • Meet with a tutor in GoReact to rehearse live and receive immediate feedback
    At your appointment time, join the GoReact space.
  • Submit a practice recording to the Virtual Speech Lab in GoReact and receive feedback from tutors at a later time.
    A tutor will review your video submission and provide the same support, just not live
Make an Appointment

Using GoReact

All students have been provided a subscription to GoReact. You may need to activate the subscription if it is your first-time logging in. Review our tutorial video on how to get into the Virtual Speech Lab.