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Lineberger Fellows

The Lineberger Fellows program is designed to recognize, support and celebrate the many achievements of highly motivated and talented Lenoir-Rhyne University students. The program accomplishes this by preparing Lineberger Fellows to become more competitive applicants for post-graduate fellowships, awards and exceptional employment opportunities. Participation in the Lineberger Fellows Program is through the University’s invitation-only Scholarship Day or by invitation of the director.

The program is supported by the Lineberger Center for Cultural and Educational Renewal. This scholarship is valued at up to $8,000 over four years. This award cannot be combined with other programmatic scholarships. Federal, state and Lenoir-Rhyne financial aid cannot be combined to exceed the cost of tuition.


What is it?

The Lineberger Fellows program is a co-curricular program designed to recognize, support, and celebrate the many achievements of highly motivated and talented students. The program accomplishes this through activities geared towards professional development and prepares Lineberger Fellows to become more competitive applicants for post-graduate fellowships and opportunities. Participation in the Lineberger Fellows Program is by invitation only.

How much time does Lineberger Fellows require?

The time commitment is about 30 hours a semester. Minimum participation includes attending opening and closing meetings, meetings with Dr. Brandes and Career Services, and professional development retreats; however, Fellows are encouraged to attend multiple optional events, and get involved with the Leadership Council.

I am the first person in my family to go to college. Is this a program I should take part in? How can I benefit from it?

Yes, definitely. The Fellows program is designed to help students from any and all backgrounds succeed both during and after college. For a first generation college student, that picture isn’t always clear. Lineberger Fellows can help students in your situation by fostering an environment of support and encouraging success in both academic and personal arenas.

I am not currently planning to go to graduate school or pursue any post-graduate fellowships, should I still consider joining the Fellows?

Yes; one of the main goals of Lineberger Fellows is to prepare students for post-graduate success no matter what path they choose. Current Fellows have a variety of majors from business to education to medical studies, and therefore have different post-graduate plans and measures of success. Whether those plans include a job or PhD program, the Fellows program will prepare you to be a highly competitive applicant and encourage you to strive for excellence. And plans can always change. The Fellows group will provide you with a network of support and mentorship to help guide and encourage you.

I am already involved in several other campus activities (athletics, band, SGA, etc.)How do I decide if I want to be an active member?

The Lineberger Fellows are some of the most involved students on campus. Almost all of the fellows are involved in multiple campus organizations, hold leadership positions in those organizations, have an on-campus or off campus job, or participate in band or athletics. With that being said, Lineberger Fellows is not just another extracurricular activity. It is a serious organization designed to prepare you for post-graduate success so we would ask that you make the Lineberger Fellows one of your top priorities.

I am very busy/involved on campus. How do I decide what to give up if I were invited to join the program?

It is often better to emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to co-curricular activities. We hope that you would not have to give anything up, but if you do, the best suggestion would be to analyze both your short-term and long-term goals. If an activity does not aid in accomplishing those goals, it may be wise to drop that activity for a more beneficial one.

What is the application process?

The application process consists of two parts. The first part is an essay. All essays will be read and evaluated by the members of the Leadership Council. Those individuals making it past the essay round will then be interviewed by the Leadership Council and current members.

What are the requirements to stay a member of Lineberger Fellows?

Requirements of the Lineberger Fellows Program include maintaining an average GPA of 3.8 or better, attending all mandatory events and meetings, participating in summer reads, attending at least one optional event per semester, keeping an up-to-date resume, meeting with career services, and meeting with Dr. Brandes at least once per semester.

What are the benefits of being a Fellow?

Aside from the resume-boosting potential, the Lineberger Fellows program has numerous benefits. These benefits include professional development and post-graduate preparation, passport cost reimbursement, networking opportunities, and summer funding for domestic and international travel and study. Fellows will also have the opportunity to move-in early to campus in the fall.

What leadership opportunities are available through Lineberger Fellows?

The Lineberger Fellows program encourages students to pursue leadership opportunities within the program as well as in other extracurricular organizations. The Lineberger Fellows Leadership Council consists of a president, vice president, and multiple members at large. They meet periodically with Dr. Brandes to plan meetings and discuss ways to improve the Fellows Program.

What type of funding is available through this program?

Fellows have the opportunity to receive a $2,000 scholarship for each year. Members can also receive monetary support in other forms valued at over $4000.00. Funding can be provided for passport cost, attending conferences, and funding for summer opportunities. Summer funding is available to support the Fellows as they pursue independent projects, internship or shadowing opportunities, and both domestic and international travel or study abroad.

What kind of mentoring and networking opportunities are available to me as a Fellow?

In addition to working closely with Dr. Brandes, the Fellows program encourages students to find a mentor in their intended field of employment and build professional connections within the community. Networking and professional development opportunities include Visiting Writers’ Series events, professional development convocations, retreats, and various other events planned by Dr. Brandes or the Leadership Council.

2019 Application Prompt

Imagine that you are trying to explain to a friend why you are so passionate about (fill in the blank) and how it relates to who you are and who you want to become. 500 word minimum due via email by March 1, 2019. brandes@lr.edu

Dr. Rand Brandes

Martin Luther Stevens Professor of English, Director of the Visiting Writers Series, Director of the Lineberger Center
Hickory Campus