Antoinette Gaboton-Moss

  • Th.M., Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • M.Div., Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent University

The Rev. Antoinette Gaboton-Moss is the director of lifelong learning at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary since 2021. In her role, Gaboton-Moss is responsible for several certificate programs – spiritual direction and public safety chaplaincy, among other continuing education opportunities. In addition, she works alongside clergy and laity, eager to explore Christian vocations, continue their formation journey and develop leadership skills in today’s world.

Previously, Gaboton-Moss served as senior pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Highland Park, New Jersey. In addition, she is the founder and executive director of Black Community Watchline, which provides free and confidential support to Black people in Middlesex County, New Jersey, experiencing racist violence or abuse.

Before entering the ministry, Gaboton-Moss worked in the New York City office of two global advertising agencies – as a media planner for Grey Global Group and an advertising executive for Ogilvy & Mather. She later formed her own marketing firm and was on staff at a 6,000 member church implementing innovative ministry and serving in pastoral care.