Statement From LRU re: possible visit by Donald Trump

Lenoir-Rhyne University invites all major candidates to speak on campus for the benefit of the extended community.  LR is firmly committed to the principle that free and open dialog are essential to the political process and that a university serves as the best place for such free exchange.

On Friday of this week, the campaign for Donald Trump requested to use our facilities for just the purposes mentioned above.  Given appropriate assurances of security, LR will honor this request.  The proposed event is tentatively scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. in P.E. Monroe Auditorium.  No final confirmation of the event has been received.

Lenoir-Rhyne President Wayne Powell stated, “LR in no way endorses this or any other candidate.  However, as part of our commitment to the American political process we welcome the event and hope it will inspire people to engage in dialog about the values that are so important to our nation.  We also hope it will help inspire everyone to vote.”

As soon as we receive confirmation as to whether or not this event is occurring, we will inform the community immediately.

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