It may have been a long time since you've had high school geometry, so the thought of taking a standardized entrance exam may seem daunting. That's why Lenoir-Rhyne offers Career Admission Track.

Career Admission Track is designed for applicants who have distinguished themselves in the workplace or community. Career applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of graduate studies through documentation of professional work, letters of professional endorsement, and written expression.

Candidates for admission to the Graduate School as a degree-seeking student through Career Admission Track must:

  1. Possess an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in an appropriate discipline having met the GPA requirement for the program of study desired;
  2. Request official copies for all college transcripts to be forwarded directly to the Division of Enrollment Management;
  3. Submit a complete application form for the desired program along with the required application fee;
  4. Submit proof of eligibility to be considered for the Career Admission Track. Candidates must possess a combination of an undergraduate degree and a minimum of six years of professional work experience.  To demonstrate exemplary work experience, the applicant should submit the following materials:
  • Detailed resume that highlights specific career accomplishments;
  • Letter of endorsement from an employer or professional within the chosen field which attests to the applicant’s qualifications for graduate level work;
  • Writing sample clearly articulating goals and life experiences which have impacted the student’s decision to pursue this specific graduate degree.
  • Any other documentation (e.g. work sample, portfolio, performance reviews, etc) that the candidate believes would strengthen the application.

5. Be available for an interview upon request.


Be advised that not all graduate programs may consider the Career Admission Track. Programs accepting Career Admission Track are: MA in Counseling, Master of Business Administration, MS in Athletic Training, Master of Public Health, MA in Community College Administration, MS in Nursing, MA in Writing, MS in Sustainability Studies, MA in Liberal Studies, MA in Language Development and Learning, and MA in Religious Studies.  Programs not accepting Career Admission Track are MS in Occupational Therapy and MA in Teaching.

Please send all documents to the Division of Enrollment Management, P.O. Box 7227, Hickory, NC 28603.

Questions? Please call 828-328-7300 or 800-277-5721.