What is the Alumni Advantage?

That's the big question you must be asking.

We believe in the students that we teach. We believe that they leave this school as remarkably valuable individuals personally, spiritually, and professionally. We're not just throwing that out there in pretty taglines and hollow words, we're willing to stand behind the statement. Our students have a potential that we want to invest in. Starting in the Summer of 2014, we're going to.

Graduates who completed 64 undergraduate credit hours at LRU now have the potential to continue their education here for just 85 cents on the dollar, a 15% discount when considering us for graduate school. Furthermore, when a graduate completes more than 96 undergraduate credit hours at LRU that discount jumps up to 20% off.

Graduate Alumni: LR alumni from previous graduate level studies are also eligible for course discounts of 15% on all LR graduate hours taken toward degree completion if they return for another graduate degree.


Why would LRU do this?

We're tired of just saying that we believe in our product, printing it in flyers, postcards and saying it at every chance that we get. We're doing this because we know for a fact that our students have a nearly limitless potential; if we lift a little bit of the burden from their shoulders, they'll be out there changing the world sooner than they would anywhere else. Call the Admissions Office at 828 328 7300 for additional information.