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L-R professor named to statewide policy board

Fri Feb 12 2010

Dr. Rand Brandes, Lenoir-Rhyne University Martin Luther Stevens Professor of English and director of the university’s Visiting Writers Series, has been awarded a GlaxoSmithKline Faculty Fellowship for 2010.

Dr. Rand BrandesThe GlaxoSmithKline Faculty Fellowship program works in conjunction with the Institute for Emerging Issues based at North Carolina State University to provide the incentive, mechanisms and support for faculty to apply their expertise to current public policy issues. Brandes is one of six GSK fellows this year and the first LRU faculty member to receive this honor.

Fellows work closely with Institute for Emerging Issues staff throughout the year to generate policy-relevant research and to communicate findings to key stakeholders and the general public.

Fellow activities include everything from writing opinion pieces for North Carolina newspapers, to shaping the Institute for Emerging Issues’ programs of work and offering expert advice to policy-makers. Brandes recently spoke at the institute’s Forum on Creativity in Raleigh on The Little Read elementary school literacy program. Other speakers included Gov. Beverly Perdue and former Gov. James Hunt, and creativity gurus Daniel Pink and Tom Kelley.

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Deaf student conducts art therapy with deaf clients

Wed Oct 28 2009

Bethany Hickman with one of her paintings

Bethany Hickman, a junior at Lenoir-Rhyne University, is participating in an art therapy internship this semester at Broughton Hospital, a state psychiatric hospital in Morganton, N.C.

That isn’t unusual. What is out of the ordinary is that Hickman and the clients she works with are deaf. Hickman, from Marysville, Tenn., uses a sign language interpreter to communicate with most people. At Broughton, she communicates directly with her clients using American Sign Language. Robert Winter, professor of art at Lenoir-Rhyne, is supervising her internship. He said that having a deaf student participate in an internship with deaf clients is a first in his 28 years at Lenoir-Rhyne.

Hickman is majoring in human and community service and minoring in art therapy. After graduation, she plans to earn a master’s degree in counseling with the goal of becoming a school counselor.

She travels to the state hospital twice a week and works with two clients for approximately an hour each time. After each session, she analyzes the clients’ work and meets with her professor. Both of her clients are over the age of 30.

“When I come in, I give them a paper and pencil and a prompt (about what to draw). Then we talk about it,” she said through an interpreter. “Basically, it’s a way they express themselves through drawing. Sometimes art can help a person heal or understand a circumstance or situation.”

Connie King, program director for deaf services at Broughton Hospital, has been supervising Hickman’s work at the hospital. King reports that the patients are very pleased to be working with Hickman. “They love that they can directly communicate and don’t have to use an interpreter,” she said. Broughton has creative arts and recreation therapy but not art therapy.

“It is exciting to watch Bethany work with our patients with this new and creative approach,” King said. (more…)

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Student documents recycling success

Mon Mar 2 2009

Erin from Reese Institute and LRU student Joseph White

Erin from Reese Institute and LRU student Joseph White

Joseph White has been looking into campus dumpsters for more than a year now. No, he’s not a dumpster diver looking for treasure. He’s a conservation of natural resources major documenting campus recycling efforts.

Lenoir-Rhyne has had a limited recycling program for several years. But Dr. John Brzorad and Erin Seiling of the Thomas W. Reese Institute for Conservation of Natural Resources wanted to take it to a new level. To document the success of their efforts, they needed to establish a baseline level of recycling on campus.

That’s where White came in. He agreed to check campus dumpsters and recycling bins to determine how much waste was heading to the dump, and how much was being recycled. He first measured each container and calculated the number of cubic yards it could hold. He painted measurements on the sides of the dumpsters to help him estimate the level of trash in each one. Then, five to six days a week, he checked each dumpster and recycling station on campus and recorded his findings. (more…)

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Martin Luther King Day speaker announced

Tue Jan 13 2009

Dr. Thabiti Lewis, a professor specializing in African American literature and culture, will be the Martin Luther King Day speaker at Lenoir-Rhyne University on Monday, Jan. 19.

The public is invited to attend his free talk on “King’s Legacy and the Responsibility of Youth” at 10 a.m. in the P.E. Monroe Auditorium on campus.

Lewis received his bachelor of arts in English and history at the University of Rochester. He received honors in history for his work on the Atlantic slave trade.

He received a master of arts in teaching from the University of Rochester. He later earned a doctorate from St. Louis University, specializing in 20th century American literature and African American literature. He currently teaches in the English Department of Washington State University-Vancouver. Besides World Views he also teaches courses in Cultural Studies, American Studies and Ethnic Studies.

He is the author of the forthcoming book “Ballers of the New School: Race, Sport and American Culture.” He has a strong interest in race and American sport culture. Another primary focus is the work of African American author Toni Cade Bambara.

Additionally, he is interested in representations of black masculinity in popular culture and African American literature. Lewis has also written for newspapers and magazines, and delivered numerous radio commentaries. He has lectured widely on these topics.

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Campus remembers Harrison

Fri Nov 21 2008

Harrison Kowiak, sophomore student from Tampa, Florida, was an important member of our campus community. Please honor him and his family by leaving a comment below. To read an account of Thursday’s celebration of Harrison’s life, click here. (You will be redirected to You may also read a memorial for Harrison from his hometown newspaper by clicking here.

14 Responses to “Campus remembers Harrison”

  1. Wren Shealy Says:
    Harrison..I love you, buddy!!! You are missed so much around just hasn’t been as bright around without your smile. You’re thought about everyday, and just know that you’ve already accomplished your goal, you’ve touched soo many of us by your enormous faith!! We love you, Harry!! R.I.P.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kowiak and Emma, we spoke at the service but I wanted to tell you again what a WONDERFUL person your son was. There will be no replacing him (as you very well know) and there won’t be a day to go by that we won’t think about him at LR. We love you and are praying for you to stay as strong as you have.

  2. Jane Carter Handly Says:
    Reading about Harrison’s life is a tribute to his goodness, his faith and his influence. He is and will always be an inspiration to all of us who are connected to LRU.
  3. Kellie Medley Says:
    Harrison, man I really can’t seem to understand why you are not here anymore. Its hard to walk around campus and know that I will not get to see that beautiful smile. I think about you all the time, all the fun we had,  and the printer accident–the list continues!! Just know that I love you and you will always be in my heart, Now and Forever!! Forever a BEAR Harrison, you will forever be a BEAR. I Miss you Sweetie!!

    To the family, hang in there and I will be praying for you. God Bless you!

  4. Marshall McDonald Says:
    My man. I still cant believe that your are not just a phone call away anymore. I really wish I would have stayed at LR this year just to be your roommate like it was supposed to be. I really do miss you man. I take with me the memories that me and you had during our freshman year. The times when we hit golf balls in the front yard of Ike and I almost hit a car. The times when we were hitting golf balls in the hallway of the dungeon. We made a few people mad but it was funny. Dont ever forget the lights we ripped off the walls (i still have mine) and the bb gun fights we had in the dungeon in ike. These memories will never leave me and I will take you with me wherever I go. I love you man. I will see you again someday.

    Marshall McDonald
    Always be your roommate

  5. Jesse Johnson Says:
    I know that God has used your life for a greater purpose in a tragic situation. My prayers and love go out to your family and people including me who cared dearly for you, you were a great student-athlete,friend,brother and son who could play some nice guitar. I hate the feeling i get when i think your gonna be sitting beside me in class but i know where you are today because of may of last year you accepted christ as your saviour and i will see you one day again. I will miss you until will meet again b4 the Lord.

    Love ya man

  6. Deb Dunham Says:
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have heard about the giving nature of your son. I am sure that your donations will certainly honor his memory. It is my hope that LRU and all students will honor his memory in caring for one another. God Bless you and your family in your time of loss.
  7. Erika Falk Says:
    Hey Harrison,
    You were amazing. You will always be with us all here at LR and with all of your other friends. You have made a bigger impact than I think you knew you could.

    Kowiak Family:
    Thank you for such a wonderful friend. He was the way he was because of you!

  8. chandler tate Says:
    wow i cant beilieve this Harrison i remember the other day you were tyring to teach me how to play golf your an amzing guy and i hope your smiling down on me each day i love you buddy
  9. Mattie Shumaker Says:
    Harry, ohhh how i miss you! I’ll never forget all of our memories together. You helped me through so much last year, who knows if i’d even be here right now if it weren’t for you. You were such an amazing person who i will always admire and miss. Thank you for always being there for me when i needed you, i love you & you’ll be missed greatly especially by me & by your brothers and by each and every one of my kappa delta sisters along with sooo many others. RIP
  10. Caitlin Pratt Says:
    Harrison, just your simple smile was enough to brighten my day. It will be greatly missed but I know you’re smiling down on us everyday. I am so grateful to have such an amazing person watching over me.
    I love you and miss you
  11. Aaron Crouse (A.B.) Says:
    I can’t believe your not with us anymore. I will never forget the times we shared from going to breakfast every tuesday and thursday morning before American Government, to just hanging out in the dorms. I love and will miss you man.

    Kowiak Family,
    Your son was a good friend he was there anytime you needed someone to talk to, or just to have good laugh. I have been praying for all of you in your time of mourning. I’m sorry about your loss. I will always remember him.

  12. Jason Richbourg LRC Alum ’07 Says:
    Dearest Kowiak Family,

    My prayers go out to you and to your extended family. God bless you and may the Lord of Life be with you always.

    Psalm 139:9-10

  13. Lauren Carter Says:
    Harrison, it just doesn’t seem right that our season is about to start back up without you. You have no idea how much we all miss your smiling face, especially at 6:00 am workouts:) Wish you were here with us, but I know you always are in spirit. We all love you and miss you.
  14. The Reverend Dr. Robert E. Allen Says:
    Even beyond life, Harrison teaches us how we should order our lives. His humble, caring, genuine ways will always cast a shadow across the lives of all he knew. It was a joy to know him, teach him, and by his death to be taught by him. As the hymn says, “We feebly struggle; they in glory shine.”
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