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Lenoir-Rhyne University Presents Fifth Annual SOURCE Event

Mon Apr 22 2013

HICKORY, N.C. — Lenoir-Rhyne University will hold the fifth annual Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression on April 23, 2013. The Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression, better known as SOURCE, is an event that celebrates the academic achievements of both undergraduate and graduate students. This event is open to the community.

Undergraduate student presentations begin at 1:00pm, followed by keynote speaker, Loreen N. Olson, Ph.D. at 4:45pm. Graduate level students will present their presentations beginning at 6:00pm.

Dr. Olson will speak on, Ethical Dilemmas of Student-Faculty Research: Confessions of a Dark Side Researcher. While discussing her student research collaborations, Dr. Olson will discuss numerous ethical dilemmas she has encountered as a researcher of the dark side of personal relationships.  Stories of successful negotiations and the lessons learned will be highlighted.

Student presentations and poster sessions topics may include: prevalence of obesity in adolescent asthma patients, cycles in elections, comparison of iron supplement tablets, the infamous pirate of Lincoln County, neonatal APGAR scores, experiences of mothers who use “Kangaroo Mother Care,” abstracts dealing with works of literature, representations of history, and more.

Creative presentations include the readings of original plays and short stories as well as the performance and discussion of music. An Honors Thesis Competition will also be held during this event with papers in areas as diverse as music, history, and health.

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