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Submitting an application is just the first step for most applicants.  Please review the information below to ensure you're completing all the steps required for full consideration into your program of choice.


  • Graduate Program Applicants:  Please see the Application Requirements web page and choose your desired program for information on the additional items required to complete your application.


  • RIBN Program Applicants:  Please go to the RIBN Program Home page for more information on additional admissions requirements.


  • First Year Undergraduate Applicants:  We'll need:
  1. Official transcripts from your high school
  2. Official test scores (ACT or SAT)


  • Transfer Students Applicants:  We'll need:
  1. Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  2. If you have completed 29 or fewer college credit hours we'll need your high school transcripts too
  3. Dean's recommendation forms from each college you have attended


Return to the admissions home page for information about events, financial aid and other topics of interest.


If you have any questions, let us know.  We're here to help.





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