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Broyhill Institute for Leadership

The Broyhill Institute for Leadership fosters and develops the skills necessary for students and graduates of Lenoir-Rhyne University to become effective leaders in business and professional communities with the ability to adapt to future innovations. Students who have solid academic accomplishment as well as leadership interest and aptitude are identified to become members of the Broyhill Leaders student organization. Students are expected to use their leadership skills responsibly and ethically in order to make a positive difference in the world. Participation in the Broyhill Leaders student organization is by invitation only.


Students will have leadership training opportunities that build the appropriate mindset and skillset in order to apply effective leadership. In addition, authentic experiences in organizational and professional leadership roles are provided so that students can practice their leadership firsthand. Examples of authentic student experiences include:

  • Formal leadership positions in student organizations
  • Global experiences enabling the students to gain an understanding of cultural differences so they can lead and contribute to a global community
  • Community service projects that are planned and executed by the students

All authentic leadership experiences help students build their résumés with skills and accomplishments that are important to employers as they demonstrate the preparation for future leadership positions and the ability to contribute as an organizational and communal citizen.


Once an invitation is accepted, the member must remain in good academic and social conduct standing.

Awards & Honors

Upon completing an appropriate number of leadership training opportunities and authentic leadership experiences, students can earn a leadership certificate.


Dr. Katie Fisher

Dr. Katie Fisher

Titles: Assistant Provost, Dean, Student Life
Phone Numbers:
School: 828.328.7246

Dr. Craig Schreiber

Titles: Associate Professor of Management, Program Coordinator of Management, Co-Director of Broyhill Institute for Leadership
Phone Numbers:
School: 828.328.7933