Detailed Instructions

Baccalaureate Service

Graduates will assemble in the foyer of Mauney Music Building promptly at 1:30 pm. You will arrive wearing your cap (with the tassel on the right side) and gown. While this service is optional, all graduates are invited and encouraged to participate. The Faculty Marshal will direct you to form two lines, in no particular order.  

PROCESSIONAL:  Follow the Faculty Marshal to the Auditorium where your two lines will face inward for the faculty to pass through. Proceed inside, single file, following the Faculty Marshal’s signals. Remain standing once you reach your reserved seats until instructed to sit.

RECESSIONAL:  Led by the Faculty Marshal, you will follow the stage party and exit the Auditorium single file, front row first.


Commencement Ceremony

All bachelor’s degree graduates will assemble promptly at 7:00 pm in Shuford Gym. There will be no rehearsal. In case of rain, you will assemble in Mauney Music Building for the ceremony in P.E. Monroe Auditorium.

PERSONAL DRESS:  Graduates should wear clothing appropriate for a significant occasion. Improper dress may cause a graduate to be withdrawn from participation. Cords/pins/medallions will be allowed only if they are symbolic of campus-wide and programmatic academic honors.  

PROCESSIONAL:  Graduates will form a single line, in alphabetical order by degree programs. Your tassel is to be worn on the right side of the cap. Follow the Faculty Marshal’s lead, passing through the two lines of faculty, to your designated rows. Remain standing until you are instructed to sit. 

PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS:  Follow Dr. Powell’s instructions to simultaneously move your tassel to the left side of your cap. You will be directed to the stage, row by row. Remain seated until your row is called. When your name is read, proceed to the Secretary of the Faculty, who will hand you the diploma cover. Continue across to shake hands with the President of the University and other dignitaries, smile as your professional photo is taken, and return to your seat.

RECESSIONAL:  Led by the Faculty Marshal, follow the stage party to exit, front row first.  You can pick up your diploma in Shuford Gym. In case of rain, go to the Fireside Room in Cromer Center.

RECEPTION:  Graduates will then join the reception on the Football Practice Field. Rain location will be Cromer Center Lobby.



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