General Information

Location and Number of Guests

The ceremony will be held outdoors in Moretz Stadium. Attendance outdoors is open and guests will not need tickets.

Rain or Inclement Weather

In the event of unfavorable weather, a decision will be made by Friday noon whether the ceremony will need to be moved indoors to P.E. Monroe Auditorium (where tickets will be required).  Student Marshals will be on hand to escort additional guests to several open viewing areas (where tickets are not necessary) to watch the ceremony on closed circuit television. Check the LR website at for weather-related changes. Your graduate has been instructed to pick up their limited allotment of guest tickets. 

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

Interpreters and Assistive Listening Devices for the deaf and hard-of-hearing are available upon request. Please contact Shawn Frank at 828.328.7298 or at least two weeks in advance to make your request. 

Additionally, if you or a family member have a disability requiring any accommodations for special seating, etc., please contact Sherry Proctor at 828.328.7296 or at least two weeks in advance to make your request.

Parking & Shuttle Service

General parking will be in the Stadium Parking Lot on Stasavich Place. Drivers can drop off people at the main stadium gate. Handicapped parking and drop-off for those with mobility issues will be in the Football Practice Field (7th Avenue NE). Security officers will be on hand to direct this operation. Golf cart service will be available upon request for those who are handicapped or have mobility issues. 

Stadium Seats

Guests may bring stadium seats or cushions for the aluminum bleachers. Student Marshals will help guests find seats. 

Photos and Video

Photos and videos may be taken from the audience and from a designated area by the stage.  Photo Specialties will photograph each graduate receiving their diploma.  The photos will be posted online for you to view or order at There is no obligation to buy. 

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